On Human EnterpriseAbout shares reflections on how individualsPersonal Development and Effectiveness achieve their aspirations, how organizationsHow To Run a Company realize their potential, and how systems changeSystems Change.

Topics of Discussion

On Human Enterprise spans a broad array of topics. We’ve curated a collection of pieces from 2014 through today under headings that reflect the range of our thinking.

  1. How to Run a Company

  2. Strategy

  3. Systems Change

  4. Entrepreneurship

  5. Leadership, Teams, and Culture

  6. Organization Design

  7. Personal Development and Effectiveness

  8. Talent and Hiring Well

  9. Making Decisions

  10. Living One's Best Life

  11. Poetry and Our Times

  12. China 2024

  13. About Incandescent

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Niko Canner Profile Cropped
Niko Canner

Niko Canner founded Incandescent in 2013. His work spans the firm’s three major areas of focus: serving as a thought partner to leaders of large enterprises on strategy, organization and innovation; advising founders on the development of their ventures; and partnering with foundations and non-profits engaged in systems change.

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20221118 Shanti Nayak 0550 Copy
Shanti Nayak
Social Impact Practice Leader

Shanti's work at Incandescent spans sectors, focused on critical issues of people, culture and talent, and on shaping strategy for complex systems change issues. In her work with corporate, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders, Shanti brings a focus on strategy, and on the people (and capabilities) that bring strategy to life. Shanti enjoys thinking deeply with clients about how culture can reinforce the fundamental strategic “why” of an organization, and is particularly interested in the challenges that organizations face at key points of inflection.

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